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Glendale School Districts Threat Statement

Glendale School District Statement of anonymous threat:


January 14, 2022


Glendale Families;


Last evening the district received an anonymous Safe to Say report regarding a potential threat at the district.


The district communicated with PA State Police to ask for assistance with this matter.  


After a complete investigation from PSP we were informed last evening that they could not find any validity into the alleged allegations.  The administration and authorities completed a comprehensive review of the situation. The family of the accused was communicating with local administrators and PSP spent significant time at the accused home last evening.  At no time did PSP ever recommend closure based upon the evidence found.  They did offer to provide increased security this morning to assist us as needed. 


Please know that we take these situations seriously and always act in the best interest of the safety and well-being of all.  Our decision to remain open was made with the consultation and support of PSP.


We encourage all district members to always error on the side of caution and report any and all information concerning school safety. Recent events in close proximity to our district should make us all look closely at ways to keep our students safe.


Edward DiSabato